• Nescafe Basement

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  1. Nescafe Basement


Nescafe Basement provided a platform for young musicians all over the country to showcase their talent. Like the Nescafe brew itself, it produced the perfect blend of fusion music that people from all walks of life could relate too. The digital platform was used to make sure it’s music reached its listeners all across the world. So no matter where you were, on the road or at your workplace, you could listen to the music and share it with your friends.


A customized cross platform campaign with interactive activities which kept the audience engaged. We released the episode and BTS footage simultaneously on Facebook even before it’s broadcast on television. We were constantly interacting with the audience by posting behind the scene photos, creating engaging tweets and content, replying to fans and RT’ing special mentions. This was combined by aggressive moderating across all platforms.


The campaign received a massive response from the audience and generated 54,196 views on Dailymotion alone as well as 8,05,991 plays on SoundCloud. On Facebook only, it created approximately 3,29,000 views per episode as well as high engagement levels across all platforms. We received 2600+ mentions across the media as well as 1767 followers on Twitter.