Domino’s eStore

Domino’s had been struggling in Pakistan ever since it’s launch. Domino’s new CEO was brought in to turn around the company and part of his mandate was to establish Domino’s digital footprint with an e-commerce taking after its global strategy which focuses a lot on digital.

Bramerz helped transform the Domino’s digital presence from its website to its social strategy which was all geared towards helping/assisting foodies to order their favorite pizza online.

Built on a powerful back-end e-commerce platform, all the content on the website and an integrated mobile app could be fully customizable within minutes and the enhanced reporting module gives a meaningful insight into what’s working and when.

A social strategy was maximized to the increased desire for pizza by creating powerful content driving users to the website for ordering and at the same time used as a great customer services platform.

The result was that from zero sales within a few months became the most revenue generating store than any of the physical stores out there.