WOWBOX – Brand Building & Marketing of a Digital Product

The Challenge

A new digital product was being introduced into the market by one of the biggest telecom giants i.e. Telenor. Bringing it into the eyes of the people while there were a number of different lifestyle competitor apps present and most importantly getting people to install it was the biggest challenge that Bramerz had to overcome. In addition to this, not only did Telenor only rely on multiple digital strategies to get the marketing wheel rolling, they wanted to have all the content in the app developed as well.
How to build WowBox’s image and getting it recognized was the problem?

The Solution

An overall and perfectly designed digital strategy ofcourse!
With a team of 10 dedicated resources, the work started 3 months before the launch of the WowBox app into the entertainment market. Bramerz started developing engaging in-app content which primarily centered around the latest trending news, entertainment, sports and so much more. The content was tested using the beta version of the app to ensure proper functionality.
Once launched, the content was made more engaging when various content partners were brought on board. On average, per week more than 150 articles went live in the app that were written by the team. Along with this, multiple deals and discounts from a number of different restaurants were brought in that WowBox users would be able to avail and enjoy.
Another aspect was to market what WowBox was and what it offered to the audience using social media. For this, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter were used to grab the attention of the target audience while offering them a number of freebies. In addition to this, regular community management was practiced to handle over 500+ comments and inboxes each day.
All this marketing was supplemented greatly by the power of media buying which Bramerz did for WowBox. Backed by Telenor, WowBox used to spend heavily on media buying going up to around $100,000 in one month.
Every week, a detailed report was curated to analyze the performance of the app and social media along with seeing if the KPIs were achieved. Based upon the results of what worked and didn’t work, future content and marketing strategies were developed.

The Result

Well, from 0 to 1.1 million active users is what we achieved in 1.5 years!
In terms of social media, the pages for the app had over 500,000 fans on Facebook and more than 2000 fans on Instagram and followers on Twitter. When it came to the app, there were over 3 million app downloads present over the period of almost two years with more than 300,000 active users per day!